Keywing the Key Turner

Why a new Key Turner?
How is the Keywing any better?

Key turner aids aren’t new. I’m often asked why did you design the Keywing Key Turner and how is it better than other daily living aids that have been around for years. Is it just for people with arthritis?

If you’ve seen or used an ‘old’ key turner, the chances are you’re familiar with their shortcomings. If you aren’t familiar, then keep reading to understand the difference between them and a Keywing (in product testers words not mine!).

For those reading along wondering what I mean by an ‘old’ key turner, I’m referring to the two styles shown below. These are not un-common and have been around for years, and to many people’s frustration - without any improvement.  










When my Dad couldn’t unlock his shed and first came across the need for a key turner (more on that story here) he went out and bought two products he found in his local pharmacy. Both are pictured above and both broke within a few days of purchase. It quickly became apparent that an improved product was required for the millions of people with weak grip strength (most commonly from arthritis).



Being unable to unlock a door with ease has immense consequences for safety, confidence and independence.


The number of people who struggle with keys due to arthritis and weak grip is growing world-wide. The Keywing ensures this doesn’t impact on their independence, confidence or quality of life.

I don’t use a key turner myself, so it was critical to meet with a wide range of people across the UK who experience weak hand grip strength, in particular those who use grip aids. By doing so I was able to gain two things

  1. Assurance that the problem was wide-spread
  2. Honest and numerous opinions on the two products shown above.

Having tested existing products with Versus Arthritis member groups across the UK, here is some of the interesting (and repeated) feedback I received:


The existing problems:


  • "Its ugly, it makes me not only feel but look disabled"
  • "It feels like having another hand in your pocket. I’d never carry this around day to day"
  • "Putting a small screw through a key is practically impossible and very frustrating"
  • "The big blue bomber aka the key snapper. Having a 12cm lever on a small key often snaps them"
  • "I can’t take the split ring off my key to get the product on, let alone put it back on the thick plastic."
  • "The key loosely wriggles around within the product making it really hard to get the key in the door."
  • "I had to break it to take it off the key to get our key cut."

The Solution...

With this information in hand, we designed an attractive, effective new solution handy for everyone. The Keywing is now an award winning, thoughtfully designed key turner that improves on the shortcomings of previous key turners.



  • Clips on and off keys quickly and easily
  • Dual non-slip gel pads grip thick and thin keys firmly
  • Just 8.5mm wide so you won’t notice it in your pocket
  • Vibrant colours to easily find and identify each key
  • Robust steel pin hinges withstand turn after turn.



We'd love to hear from you...


We are always keen to hear feedback from customers to help us on our journey to continuously improve our products and design new ones. We'd love to hear from you if you have a need for something to assist:

  • Arthritis in fingers
  • Arthritis in hands
  • Thumb joint pain
  • Finger joint pain
  • Weak grip.


Write to me at and I'll get in touch. We are always happy to point customers towards other really useful products that make their lives that little bit easier. 



Thanks for reading. If you have a friend or relative that has arthritis in their fingers or weak grip and could benefit from a Keywing Key Turner, you can pass the message on here:


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Jan 12, 2020 • Posted by Elizabeth duffy

I have swollen arthritic fingers that can’t be accurate on the keyboard i want an aid to fit on my index finger to enable accurate letter to be chosen as my fingers are so swollen I can be misdirected in my choice.

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