Keywing™ | Use keys with ease | The award winning key turner.

Three keywing key turners in pink, blue and green.

Use keys with ease

The award winning key turner.

Green Keywing key turner arthritis aid on a key being held by two hands.

Use keys with ease

Grip, leverage & control.

Four multi coloured keywing key turner products in a row including the made in Britain logo.

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Grip, leverage & control.

The Design Council award winning Keywing is launching soon. The Keywing is a key turner device that clips onto keys to make them easier to hold, grasp and turn. 

Blue Keywing key turner being held in three different positions by a hand.
Dext keywing key turner aid prototype photo in black and white.

Our Story

The Keywing founder and designer Geoff Rolandsen has witnessed his father living with deteriorating hand strength and the daily frustrations that it causes him. Geoff set out to design intelligent solutions to overcome these challenges and make life more enjoyable. His first product, the Keywing, has won a Design Council UK award for innovation and a grant from Versus Arthritis UK.

Keywing gif showing four colours of the keywing key turner surrounded by keys.

About Dext

The Dext brand has been established to create a range of innovative products that ease everyday activities. Dext focus on innovation and universal design to create beautiful solutions that ensure users enjoy life. The Keywing is the flagship Dext product.

Scattered multi coloured keywing key turner aids for arthritis or reduced hand dexterity.

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The Keywing

Using design as a solution to overcome everyday challenges.


"Easy for my hands to grasp, place in the key then into the lock, and presto, door is unlocked. So easy! Thank you Keywing, a fantastic key turner."

– Barb Jones - Melbourne, Aus.

“I received my Workey today it’s fabulous thank you sooo much. I felt so much more confident when I went out earlier knowing I wouldn’t have to struggle to get back in house. I use my Workey everyday it’s brilliant”

– Amanda J - Christchurch, UK.

The Keywing is a neat little device and, once in place, it creates a larger surface area and longer lever, making locks much easier to open. The Keywing could help to give individuals and their families and carers confidence and peace of mind, and could make the difference between someone needing help to get in or out of their own home and being able to do it independently.

– Dr Anna Lowe, Chartered Physiotherapist.

"I have been having difficulties with grip for a number of years and one of the biggest battles for me was to grip and turn a key. Like so many others I have tried various key turners and whilst they do help slightly, they all have had drawbacks such as clumsy size, durability, practicality, indiscreet etc. The Keywing has overcome all of these issues in a simple but highly effective design. Robust, lightweight and a sensible size make this a very unique product which has made accessing my own front door so much easier - a task we all take for granted."

– Edd F - Wales.

"Fantastic, thank you very much. It’s literally a game changer for me, I can get the door open every time."

– Kelly - UK.