Keywing Key Turner | Makes Keys Easier to Hold, Grip & Turn | Award Winning.

Two hands holding a green keywing key turner on a key.

Carry effortlessly.

Slim, light, award winning design.

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Three keywing key turners in pink, blue and green.

Farewell, fiddly keys.

Instant grip, leverage and control.

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Four Keywing key turners in yellow, blue, pink and green on a white background.

No more 'which is which'.

Eye catching colours for each key.

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Watch how:

A hand using a pink keywing key turner mobility aid on a key in a blue front door.

Turn keys with ease.

Extra surface area gives you greater leverage and increased power. The strong nylon body is warm touch for cold fingers.

Keywing gif showing four colours of the keywing key turner surrounded by keys.

Find keys with ease.

With a beautiful colour available for each key, put an end to the daily confusion of which key is which.

The blue keywing key turner arthritis aid up close showing the easy grip and turn features.

Grip keys with ease.

Four comfortable dimpled domes give your fingers a firm grip. The Keywing slides in and out of pockets effortlessly thanks to the slim, light-weight, award winning design.

The Keywing key turner arthritis aid UK shipping £1.19 symbol.
The Keywing key turner arthritis aid quick dispatch symbol.
The Keywing key turner arthritis aid no quibble guarantee symbol.

Keywing Triple Pack

£12.49 (£10.41 ex.VAT)

The most popular, Keywing triple pack with a green, pink, and blue keywing key turner arthritis aids.
The most popular, Keywing triple pack with a green, pink, and blue keywing key turner arthritis aids. Keywing Triple Pack A Keywing Key Turner triple pack of dove grey. Pink keywing key turner on a blue door. Four multi coloured keywing key turner arthritis aids in a row. A blue keywing key turner arthritis aid being held horizontally by a hand. The grey keywing key turner aid being used on an external door lock, Three Keywing key turner arthritis aids on a grey background. Four multi coloured keywing key turner arthritis aids in a row. Four multi coloured keywing key turner arthritis aids in a row.

• Quick Dispatch UK Shipping only £1.19 available now.

• Ship Direct to a Friend.

• No Quibble Guarantee.

The multi-coloured set is our most popular product, often purchased as a thoughtful, useful gift for friends.

A Keywing set greatly assists anyone who may have reduced hand dexterity.

What others are saying:

Fantastic, thank you very much. It’s literally a game changer for me, I can get the door open every time.

– Kelly, UK.

Easy for my hands to grasp, place in the key then into the lock, and presto, door is unlocked. So easy! Thank you Keywing, a fantastic key turner.

– Barb Jones - Melbourne, Aus.

I received my Keywing today it’s fabulous thank you sooo much. I felt so much more confident when I went out earlier knowing I wouldn’t have to struggle to get back in house. I use my Keywing everyday it’s brilliant.

– Amanda J - Christchurch, UK.

The Keywing is a neat little device and, once in place, it creates a larger surface area and longer lever, making locks much easier to open. The Keywing could help to give individuals and their families and carers confidence and peace of mind, and could make the difference between someone needing help to get in or out of their own home and being able to do it independently.

– Dr Anna Lowe, Chartered Physiotherapist, UK.

I have been having difficulties with grip for a number of years and one of the biggest battles for me was to grip and turn a key. Like so many others I have tried various key turners and whilst they do help slightly, they all have had drawbacks such as clumsy size, durability, practicality, indiscreet etc. The Keywing has overcome all of these issues in a simple but highly effective design. Robust, lightweight and a sensible size make this a very unique product which has made accessing my own front door so much easier - a task we all take for granted.

– Edd F , Wales.

As a therapist I like the Keywing as it can be used on a number of keys and is less bulky than current designs. It helps people with issues with grip, and makes it easier to manage unlocking doors. The range of colours and modern design makes it more appealing to younger patients and also does not make issues apparent to others. By using the Keywing patients can reduce pain and irritation caused by arthritis and also regain independence in completing activities.

– Rosie Norman - Occupational Therapist, UK

A scattered mix of multi coloured Keywing key turner products on a white background.


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