Keywing the Key Turner

What is a key turner aid?

A key turner aid is a device that makes it easier to grip and turn household keys. Key turners are very helpful for people with arthritis pain in fingers and hands or weak hand and grip strength.
What is a key turner aid - for arthritis pain in fingers and hands.

How does a key turner work? 

Key turners attach to keys to increase their size which provides two main benefits during the use and operation of keys. Firstly, the greater surface area that the key turner creates increases users ability to grip the key. The level of grip is maximised when the key turner is made of a tactile material such as a textured plastic. Secondly, when designed correctly the additional size provides increased leverage and makes it much easier to turn keys with far less strength and pressure. This greatly reduces arthritis pain in fingers, hands and thumbs.

Key turners typically hold between one and three keys and vary in size. The Keywing key turner clips onto a single key and has been designed ergonomically to maximise leverage whilst being small enough to suit the vast majority of household door locks. When the Keywing is clipped in place it instantly transforms your key into an easy operation thumb turn.  Additionally, the Keywing is slim and lightweight so that it slides in and out of your pocket with ease and fits right in on a key chain. This ensures you can easily keep it with you for whenever it may be needed.

What is the difference between various kinds of key turners?

Whilst designing the Keywing key turner for arthritis we tested many prototypes and products with a wide range of people who have arthritis pain in fingers and hands. The results and feedback were resounding in that the blue key turners that utilise a small screw to attach to the head of a key were quite challenging for users assemble. The process of inserting and tightening the small screw was found to be quite challenging and even painful for people with arthritis or low hand grip strength.

The size of the key turner was also very important to our testers. To be efficient and practical the Keywing had to be big enough to provide adequate leverage for easy turning however not too big and bulky that it became uncomfortable in a pocket. Many of our testers had used large blue key turners before which they found frustrating as they were far too large to carry in a pocket day to day. One user said “it felt like having an extra hand in your pocket!”

How can I buy a key turner?

Key turners are readily available to purchase online and are very popular for those with arthritis. This comes as no surprise as using keys are an essential task of everyday life, and the inability to use keys with confidence has big impacts on safety and independence. When browsing online, you may find a key turner also be referred to as a:

  • Key gripper

  • Key handle for arthritis

  • Key thumb turn

  • Arthritis key

The Keywing is available at our website here, and also on Amazon here.

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