Keywing Key Turner | Makes Keys Easier to Hold, Grip & Turn | Award Winning.

Keywing Key Turner - Our Story

The Keywing key turner has been designed by London-based designer Geoff Rolandsen. Geoff witnessed his father living with deteriorating dexterity in Australia and the challenges that it brought to his everyday life. Inspired when his father struggled to unlock his shed, and determined to make a difference to his life, Geoff set out to design a beautiful, desirable product that could help restore independence to his father and the 10 million people in the UK who live with arthritis and reduced dexterity.


“It was incredibly frustrating to know that a task as simple as opening the front door, is such a challenge to so many people” says Rolandsen. 

The first key turner prototype (the Workey) won a Design Council Spark award for innovation and an investment from charity Versus Arthritis to help refine, test and bring the product to market. 

A quick picture with a few of the attendees at the end of the versus arthritis launch session.

“Keys are tricky, especially for those with reduced dexterity but it shouldn’t be a cause for loss of independence, comfort or safety”

Whilst originally designed and prototyped for his father’s needs, receipt of the Versus Arthritis and Design Council award confirmed the significance of the problem and potential of the Keywing. Thanks to the award and their support, the Keywing is now available to assist millions who struggle with keys every - day. 

Often, the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference. The Keywing is handy for everyone, but extra helpful for anyone with arthritis, weak hands, low dexterity (young and elderly), or visual impairments.

Buy now and see how much easier keys can be.