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FAQ about the Keywing key turner

How big is the Keywing?

The Keywing key turner has been designed with a strong focus on finding the right balance of ergonomics and size. The Keywing is 55mm long x 20mm wide (at its widest) and only 8.55mm thin when clipped onto a key. With such slim dimensions and it’s super light-weight, it slides in and out of your pocket with minimal discomfort.

During user testing, a common short fall that was identified in other key turner mobility aids was their size. This means that users found them impractical and uncomfortable to carry with them. The Keywing was designed with this in mind, to ensure it is always comfortable and easy to carry wherever you go.  

What is a key turner?

How does it work?

What kind of keys does the Keywing fit?

How does the Keywing help?